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"Build to suit in Cotton Creek Subdivision"

204 Frisco Lane

Cotton Creeke Front


Barn Home coming soon!

Woodham Barn Home 2016


    Build to suit on your lot or ours"



Woodham Construction in Enterprise, AL


New Home Construction Service

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There is a difference between a house and a home. A house is somewhere you go to sleep at night. A home is where you can relax and enjoy many happy memories for a long time. Woodham Construction Company has been building homes for many years.

"From breaking ground to completely finished and landscaped"

 We can assist you in all aspects of your new home beginning with lot purchase and ending with handing you the key to a completely finished, landscaped, decorated and furnished home!

We will work with you in designing the home of your dreams whether it's just a small vacation home or multi-million dollar home. We can build the home you desire!

"Special Needs"

Woodham Construction can even assist in developing a home for special needs living. As the general population ages the houses built a few years ago are beginning to show the lack of thought for the needs of older or handicapped people. We can help you design your home with the future in mind, saving you from potentially thousands of dollars in after construction upgrades and improvements.

"Modern Construction"

Woodham construction can pre-wire your home with data-ports, alarm systems, entertainment areas, remote control and remote access, Hi-Def TV wiring, central vacums and more.

"Take a closer look at what we can do for you"

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